I get the Kiplinger Letter bi-monthly and each issue promotes an upcoming tele-seminar. The latest one they're plugging is called: Boost Sales Quickly By Mastering the Lost Art of Cold Calling

Here's the description, which I think is intriguing:

For many salespeople, the
thought of cold calling is a cringe-inducing experience. Cold calling
can be awkward, even difficult.  Worse, it often ends in rejection.  So
why subject yourself or your sales staff to all that discomfort?
Simple: Cold calling works.
the spread of online social networking, an old-school sales technique
like cold calling works better than ever in the 21st century.  Why? 
Because by using the telephone to introduce yourself and your
organization to prospective customers, you lend a personal, human touch
to your sales outreach that can set you apart from competitors.
truth is, a shrinking number of companies today make cold calling a big
part of their sales and marketing strategy.  So the people who do make
a large number of cold calls — and do it well — get exceptional sales
results.  The important thing is to get started immediately, before
everyone and his brother realize just how much money they're leaving on
the table and jump back into cold calling.

Here's a link to the entire sales page if you're interested

I have a hunch the promoters have a point on this. I do think cold calling for businesses has been cut way back. With all the negative publicity around telemarketing and the explosion of interest in social networking and the internet in general as a way of promoting your business one can see why this is the case.

Indeed, social networking probably makes one even less eager to make cold calls than before. We've become so hesitant to call anyone unsolicited anymore. When the masses move away from an established advertising medium it makes the opportunity richer for those willing to invest in it.

I plan to invest in telemarketing to grow my business in the months ahead. And I expect as a marketing consultant to advise some of my clients to invest in it, too. What about you?

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