I just picked up a new BlackBerry Bold 9700 from T-Mobile. It's a big jump up from the Curve Titanium I had before that. I resisted upgrading the phone although my contract was up because I had a beta app on the Curve that I knew I wouldn't be able to get on the Bold – Nuance's NVC, which is a voice enabled app.

I liked using NVC from time to time to write texts, dictate emails and make calls. It worked well, but a big drawback with this beta app was that it didn't work with my Bluetooth headset. That meant I couldn't avoid traffic tickets with it in California where I live. Thus, it's utility was limited.

Last week my Curve started going nutso on me. It would just shut down randomly and require a full reboot (remove and replace battery) to come back up. This happened one too many times for my liking. So, I was compelled to get the Bold. I did want 3G and now seemed the right time to get it. But what about my NVC?

Enter Vlingo another mobile app that works by your voice. And, it works with a Bluetooth headset. Hooray! After firing up my Bold and getting the hang of it Vlingo was the first add-on I downloaded for it. Let's face it, if you're an on the go business coach like me, typing out lots of emails with your fingers gets old fast. I need a break from the little keypad most days.

The software costs $19.99 if you want a full-featured version, or you can get it free. They have versions for iPhone, Nokia, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry devices. It's simple to set up and seems fairly accurate so far. I directed it to create a text to my wife and I said, "How's this working? It's purely voice dictation from my phone." Vlingo got every word except for purely. It thought I said truly, then surely. I just corrected it, then told Vlingo to send the text, which it did asap.

Key point here is that you tell Vlingo what to do and it does it. It will do a web search for the weather report, create a Facebook status item and post it, and open up your Calendar. It's much more than just a dictation app.

I understand the app gets better and better as you train it to understand your voice and preferred vocabulary. I think I'm going to like this little app quite a bit. I believe it's going to save me time and will help me avoid numb thumb.  That's easily worth $19.99.

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