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Sales Mastery is an ongoing workshop for professionals committed to significant professional and personal growth with a focus on sales expansion. In a recent installment of the workshop, we talked about five ways to grow your business.


I’d like to share two of the strongest ways with you here. If you’ve got these already working well for you, then write to me and ask for more. I’ll surely reply.


Sell More with Each Sale

Okay, there’s your first strategy. Sell more with each sale. Simple, right? Sure, the idea is, but the execution can take many forms. Have you ever heard the phrase, “Would you like fries with that?” This is selling more, in action.


What are you offering your customers as an add-on when they make a purchase? Do you offer something extra and complementary most of the time?


Another take on it is with packages. If you would like to work with me, I require a 3-month minimum. In the early days I’d work with anyone for any duration. I then figured out that it’s better for both sides if we work together for at least a 3-month period. More time=more results=more satisfaction=more referrals.


If you sell multi-session series at a discount, why not add another session to it? If your sessions are usually 50 minutes, could you make them 60 or even 75?


What if you’re a Realtor and you don’t sell anything but the client’s house? Then, sell a home stage, paint job, or landscape makeover to be performed by one of your trusty resources and deepen a relationship with a valuable referral source.


Sit down for 20 minutes and write down at least 5 – 10 ideas for how you could sell more. Then, run them by your team or someone whose opinion you value. After you’ve settled on a workable few, give it a go.


Learn to Say No

Strategy number two is to learn to say no. There are times when you come in to contact with someone who isn’t a good fit for you. They can’t truly afford you or your expertise doesn’t really match their needs.


In such a case your best move is to say no to that business. Why drop your pricing and tie up your time when there’s another person around the corner who’ll gladly pay your going rate? Why take on someone who’d be better served by someone who has more expertise in the area they need?


Learning to say no is counter-intuitively a powerful way to grow your business. Don’t say no to it.

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