The world’s most successful small business marketing system is Guerrilla Marketing.


It was created more than 30 years ago by Jay Conrad Levinson who’s authored or co-authored 58 books that have sold more than 21 million copies.As a certified as a Guerrilla Marketing coach I love to teach what I’ve learned so you can apply these strategies and tactics to your business. Here are a few Guerrilla Marketing Do’s and Don’ts:

Let’s start with the Dos:

1. Use an Assortment.

Use multiple weapons (tactics) to market and attract customers. Guerrilla Marketing employs 101 low cost, high impact strategies. Some of them include email autoresponders, testimonials, a blog on your website to drive traffic, contests to draw customers, and many, many more. When you have a wide array of these weapons at your disposal you’ll be sure to grow your business.


2. Employ Fusion Marketing.

This is what the Guerrilla calls, “partner marketing.” In other words you should team up with other complementary businesses to market together. It’s not about money as much as it is about sharing resources and networks.

I partner with Tandoc Law to present a monthly networking and education event for small business owners called FYbI Network. This has been a great way to expose my business for little cost on a monthly basis to my target audience. I partner with other businesses, chambers of commerce and media organizations.

Think long and hard about who you could partner up with and get a meeting set up to start talking about the ways you could go to market together. Doing this can really accelerate the growth of your business. One key item to consider: Pick partners that are already successful.


The Don’ts:

1. Don’t Procrastinate.

Sure you’ve heard this before. This is hardly a new idea for business growth. What I’m talking about here though is how much it can hurt your marketing. Especially when it comes to new ideas like doubling your marketing weapons or finding new Fusion Marketing partners. Don’t just think to yourself these are pretty good ideas and maybe one day I’ll do them. Do it now.

Procrastinators get much less done and most often what they get done are the easy items on their To-Do list while the tough ones get pushed to the next day over and over. If you struggle in this area I have created a short video to help you get past procrastination. Coaching can also help if you want or need accountability.


2. Don’t lack sales and marketing knowledge.

You may have started your business around your expertise, which is an excellent reason to start up. However, if you’ve never taken any formal sales or marketing training courses, then you may be lacking in this area. And that can hurt your business.

Guerrillas know how to market and they use that as an edge over their competition. Knowledge deployed is powerful. They don’t rely on other people telling them what’s a good way to market their business, they know for themselves. They have a plan, an assortment, key partners, and they relentlessly execute.

Well, that’s just a small snippet of the many weapons that can help grow your business.

If you would like to learn more about Guerrilla Marketing and how it can help your business, attend the upcoming Guerrilla Marketing Unveiled workshop on June 21st in Burlingame.

It’s an all-day, intensive, hands-on workshop where I’ll be working with you to create a campaign that’ll be sure to grow your business.


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