The landmark bill on health care reform was signed in to law today by President Obama. As Vice-President Biden said in his introduction, many bold and very determined presidents dating back to Teddy Roosevelt have failed to do what Obama has done. This is significant!

I must say that I was very skeptical that this reform bill was going to ever get done. It seemed too daunting a task with such opposition in the streets and the halls of Congress. But President Obama would not be daunted. He would not give up. He believed in this pursuit so passionately that he kept at it until it was done. I am inspired by his effort.

I've come to believe that besides money being an issue, many business owners go out of business because they stopped believing that what they were doing must succeed because it's worthy. They grow tired of the obstacles to success that come one after another and throw in the towel.

I talked to a few business owners about this today and they agreed that we can all learn a lesson from our president's success. Whether you agree with the bill that passed or not is irrelevant. It's that you see merit in tenacity. You see how hanging in there for another round just might get you the prize. Now will you be more tenacious about what you're passionate about?

Share your thoughts with me on the value of tenacity in building your business by clicking on the Comments link below.

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