How’s your handshake? Do you think it’s the best it can be? Well, after reading and applying this process, it will be. According to body language expert, Carol Goman, there are 9 ways to ensure you have the best handshake.
  1. Always stand up
  2. Be standing squarely in front of the other person
  3. Put your hand out with the palm facing sideways
  4. Make eye contact as you shake
  5. Smile. The other person will naturally smile back and feel happier.
  6. Start speaking while your hands are still connected
  7. Make sure your handshake is firm – especially if you are a woman
  8. Be sure you have palm to palm contact and your hands are web to web.
  9. Keep your eyes up as you break contact. It maintains a positive impression.
Follow these tips to improve your handshake. By the way, it’s important to shake hands with people you meet since people are 2x more likely to remember you if you shake hands with them. Also, people are usually friendlier and more open with those with whom they’ve shaken hands. Carol is the bomb when it comes to body language instruction. You can learn more from her on her website.
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