On May 8th the Small Business Symposium was held in Burlingame, CA. I was invited to be the keynote speaker at this event to kick things off. I decided to focus on the topic of success secrets of super achievers because it’s often these types of characteristics that differentiate massive winners from average performers.

Having only 45 minutes I chose to focus on 3 subject areas: Big Idea, Time Mastery, and Team Management. In my experience working with dozens of business owners over the years I’ve seen that the ones who are clearly strong in these areas have strong businesses.

If you can’t watch the whole video you’ll see that the description of the video on YouTube does have time stamps inserted so you can skip to the section that interests you most.

Let me know what ideas in this presentation are helpful to you and which ones you might like more information on. I’m happy to answer questions you have after watching the video.

Lastly, I’ll reprise this presentation in Redwood Shores on June 25th at another business event. If you’d like to attend the event or invite others to it I’ll be sure to list the event details in this newsletter in June.

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