It’s great to blog as part of your online marketing strategy. Every time you blog you create a new page on your website that gets indexed and is made searchable. It’s a beautiful thing. The more posts you write, the more pages are indexed and generally your site traffic increases.

Is blogging social networking though? Not unless you’re getting comments and responding to those comments. Many blog posts get no comments. This may be because the content’s no good, it’s not being marketed, or is being marketed to the wrong people. I think my content’s all right, but I’m not marketing it well enough to enough of the right people. Yes, the unwelcome truth, blogging is just the first half of the effort. The second half is pushing your post.

Some people just like to do the writing. Others are better at the pushing, i.e., promoting your post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so forth. To succeed with a blog you need to be good at both, or have someone else do the pushing for you. Otherwise you’re going to have a lonely blog, which might still work for you to get search engine traffic and leads. So, it’s not the worst case scenario to have no comments, but it’s better to have some. Comments add credibility to your site since visitors think you must be saying some good things if you’re getting lots of comments.

One strategy you might pursue to get more comments on your posts is to go to other relevant blogs and comment on the posts there. You sometimes have to give to get. Doing this is a win-win for two reasons: one, you can get exposure elsewhere online when you comment on other blogs (and maybe look smart while you’re at it); and two, you just might get that blogger to mosey on over to your blog and comment on one of your posts. Do this over and over on multiple blogs and you will probably start to see some action. It’s not going to work immediately though. You need to be consistent over the long-haul – say three to six months at least.

Full disclosure: I need to practice more of what I’m preaching here. I did just post a comment on the blog over at Mastering Online Marketing, which is one of my favorite blogs. If you use Disqus on your blog and to comment on other blogs you can be notified when the blog’s author comments on your comment, then you’ve got a nice dialogue going.

I suggest that you choose blogs of varying popularity to get exposure on bigger sites, and get comments back from bloggers running smaller sites. It’s nice to have a little of both going on. And that’s an allegory for marketing in general, have multiple efforts going on simultaneously. Do this and you’re doing what a Guerrilla Marketer does.

Another tactic is to write provocative posts. If your content is not stimulating it doesn’t matter how much traffic you’re getting. Instead of real comments you’ll just get the ‘nice post’ comment, which hardly breeds conversation. Please don’t do this yourself on other blogs. At least follow it up with something else that could open up a conversation.

Okay, now it’s your turn. Do you have a comment or suggestion on how to improve social networking via blogging? Please share it below. I promise to comment back.

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