In my Marketing Consulting work I regularly suggest to my clients that they use some methods of social networking to build up their internet presence. Of course, after Facebook and LinkedIn, Twitter often comes up as one of the platforms a person could use to socially network. After pondering what platforms to use if Twitter is a choice, I’ll get the question, “OK, I can tweet, but how do I get people to follow me.”

Here are six ways I can suggest right now that aren’t too difficult:

1. Add your Twitter profile link to your email signature. People you email who use Twitter will pick up on that and start following you.

2. Find people (you don’t know) to follow by doing Twitter searches under certain topics, e.g., banking. Zero in on some people and look at their tweet stream. Follow the interesting people. When you follow people they often follow you back.

3. Find people (you do know) to follow by asking friends, co-workers, associates, partners, etc. if they tweet. If so, follow them. As in item 2, they’ll probably follow you back.

4. Add your Twitter profile link to your LinkedIn profile, blog, and other social networking profiles. This is now a given if you’re doing social networking. On some sites you can even get a live stream of your tweets to show up on that page. I have this on my blog, which I think is very cool. (I was about to link the word blog above to my blog, then realized, “I’m blogging!”)

5. Start tweeting every day. You’ll find that people will just start following you naturally. I get anywhere from 2 – 6 new followers each day this way. Some of them are using automated programs to simply grab people to follow and those people you may or may not want to follow back (subject for another blog). Others are searching on certain terms, e.g., business coaching and will follow anyone interesting who comes up – like you.

6. If you want to really get serious, you could start commenting vigorously on other peoples’ blogs and instead of linking your name (as the commenter) to your website, link it to your Twitter profile. If Twitter was your #1 means of communicating with others on the net you would do this. Or, if you don’t have a website, blog or Facebook fan page.

Note that I am not recommending you use an automated software program to start following gobs of people each day in the hopes of getting gobs of followers back. I disagree with this approach to Twitter and don’t advocate it for any of my marketing consulting clients. And what about my Twitter profle? Sure, it’s @Michael_N. Won’t you follow me?

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