17600796_sThis year, I’d like to believe that everything’s going to GO GREAT with the business.

  • I hope that sales will keep going up,
  • I’d like my employees will stay with me as they grow more capable,
  • And I hope for existing customers to stay and increase their coaching investment, and so on.

But how do I know that’s going to be the case? What if something catastrophic happens?

I mean, you’ve heard of horrible situations at VW, Chipotle, and the troubles that affected the local crab season. Have you given thought to WHAT YOU WOULD DO given some very unfortunate (and unexpected) circumstances?

Most owners and their teams don’t plan for the worst.

By dedicating some time and thought to doing so you could more calmly and effectively handle such a body blow.

Begin this exercise by coming up with 3 horrible scenarios and consider how you would respond if they occurred. Just by writing out a basic plan for each scenario you’ll have something to turn to should the unthinkable happen.

There are online resources to help stimulate your thinking such as this book, this article, and, finally this article.

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