An image of FacebookFor those of you that have business pages set up for your business on Facebook, good things have been happening lately. Facebook is starting to recognize that we too have needs! I truly believe that this trend will continue in the foreseeable future as Facebook certainly has no issues getting personal users. And one key area of growth is business users. In order to keep expanding that group of users they need to offer more features to them.

There are two key developments that have happened fairly recently that are really good for Page owners.
1. Email notifications of Page activity. In the past we had no way of knowing when someone interacted with our Page except to log in and look. Well, now you’re able to get email notifications anytime someone posts on your Wall or Comments on an existing Post. Hurray! It’s really important that you be responsive when interaction with your Page happens and now you can do just that. Take advantage of it by logging on to your Page and responding to any and all interactions.

It’s really important that you respond to all Comments on your Page as quickly as possible to show people you’re there and engaged with your fans. This will then encourage people to continue to Like and Comment on Posts in the future.

2. Ability to visit other Facebook Pages as your Page. This is a major change that helps a Page to not only network on Facebook with other Pages and further expose the business. But it also enables a business owner who wants to stay fairly private on Facebook to do so. Watch this short video to learn how to do this.

Now that you’re aware of how to be your Page on Facebook I recommend you take advantage of this feature regularly. This is a great new way to increase Likes on your Page and especially if you use this feature to comment on Pages that have a lot of Fans that might identify with your Page.

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