Crush It is a very popular book written by Gary Vaynerchuk. It tells the story of how he took his dad's liquor store from 4 million to 50 million in annual sales through a big emphasis on social media and creating a brand around Gary and the store.

I strongly recommend it for all small business owners even if you're not thinking about social media as a means to promote your business. Although that part of the book was very interesting and informative to me, it's not the part that changed my approach to my business.

The Audible version of the book is how I experienced it. It's even better than the book since Gary reads it and adds lots of extra material to it since he's learned a few things since the book was written in final form.

The part of the book that impacted me the most was when Gary shared his 3 rules for success in business. The first one is to Love your family. The second is to Follow your passion. The third is to Work hard.

I am in alignment with the first two ideas and felt good that I was on top of two of Gary's rules. The third rule blindsided me. I know that most small business owners are overwhelmed and we're all looking for ways to work smarter, not harder. But this is attainable only to a point. I now understand this very clearly that hard work cannot be avoided.

Jeffrey Gitomer, author of the Sales Bible was interviewed by Success Magazine recently. He was asked about how salespeople can be successful. One of the key points he made is that you have to work harder than your competition. There's no shortcut. He said that people trying to work 4-hour workweeks are going broke trying. I don't think he's joking though it was said in a funny way.

Since listening to Crush It I've been working much harder than I did before and I wasn't slacking before. How has it changed things? Well, I'm more successful now. It may be too soon to tell that my rising revenue is due to working much harder, but I believe it will have a long-term effect that's undeniable and irreplaceable by any other business strategy.

Look at yourself in the mirror. Are you working hard enough to be the success you need to be as the owner of a small business? Listen to or read Crush It. It just may change your approach to your business. As a coach it's changed mine.

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