There’s a lot of talk about developing a niche for your business and that’s how to become successful. By doing this you’ll get ‘niche and famous’. There is some truth to this. If you try to be all things to all people, then you’re unlikely to be remarkable at doing any of those things.

But what if your niche isn’t working? You offer a service, and you’re good at it, but people aren’t buying. Do you continue to plug away at your niche? Or do you consider adding on to your business?

In this economy that is improving ever so slowly, you just might need to consider a new direction for your business. This isn’t necessarily to say that you drop what you were doing before. No, I’m suggesting that you add something new that people are buying.

Here’s my example: When I started The Growth Coach, I had no intention of doing consulting in the area of social media. I was a marketing consultant, but I knew little about social media because I came from a corporate background and used social networking very lightly in my work,and in my personal life.

Last summer I decided to start getting in to social networking for my business. I could see that this marketing channel was exploding and that I should learn about it and use it. Fast forward 1 year and I’m now fairly adept at using several social media platforms and am teaching clients 1on1 to use social networking for their businesses.

It then dawned on me that I should create a free seminar and paid workshop around this topic for total beginners. I got busy and did it. I was successful enough that I plan to repeat this again.

I also added Sales Training and Coaching to my business this year!

My point is this. If you’re not making enough with your existing business or are doing well but feel you’re exhausting your existing line of business, it may be time to start crawling in a new direction. Think about it and try something. The worst you can do is fail, which is a learning experience anyway.

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