I look at LOTS of webpages and am always finding interesting things to read. I don't always read them right then though. Yes, you could bookmark the page, but what if you could actually just grab the article and put it in a folder on a website you could access from anywhere?

Or, download the article to a Kindle or iPhone? That's Instapaper and it's pretty cool. I've just signed up for it and have archived an article very simply. Here's what you do: Visit Instapaper's site and sign up instantly for an account. Looks like they put a cookie on your PC for ez log ins since I went to the site tonight and found myself already logged in.

Then, drag a button up to your browser that's entitled Read Later. Look at the image below:

Read Later Button

Then, when you come across an article you want to save, just click on that button and, voila, it's saved. This looks like a time-saver to me. Try it and let me know what you think.

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