When I sit down with new clients I ask them to complete what’s called a Wheel of Life. This a graphical chart with seven points on it in a radius: Family/Friends, Health, Career/Business, Play, Financial, Mind, and Spiritual.

The exercise constitutes one going around from point to point deciding whether you’re fully actualized in that area or not. If so, then you pick the outermost point on the wheel. Once you’ve selected a point on all seven lines, then you’ll connect the dots to form a wheel.

You can quickly look at the wheel and see where your life is out of balance. My experience is that the people who fill this wheel out who are strong in the spiritual dimension are more balanced in their lives. Why is this?

I believe it’s because our faith tends to influence other dimensions as well as how we feel about them. For example, most faiths emphasize strong family values, therefore, you’re likely to be strong in that dimension if you’re strong in your faith.

Also, people with strong faith tend to be content with what they have, which could influence where they’ll score themselves on the Financial area.

And lastly, having a strong faith means you understand that life is about more than Career/Business, which could influence how much you value Play.

As I write this on a Sunday, it’s apparent to me that the Spirituality spoke on my wheel has much to do with how balanced I feel in my life. If you feel that your life is out of balance, might an examination of this spoke be in order?

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