The standard definition of momentum is ‘impetus of a physical object in motion’. The way I define it for a business owner is that your business is heading in one direction or another.

Anyone who’s been in business for some time knows that a business either shrinks or grows. It doesn’t stay the same. Knowing this we must strive to always keep it growing – unless we’re winding down a business, which is a special case.

You create positive momentum by always doing something as a salesperson or marketer. Here’s a short list of different activities you can do to create positive momentum:

1. Always have a seminar scheduled you can invite people to

2. Go to networking events regularly

3. Have a consistent advertising campaign

4. Send out a regular newsletter

5. Do one hour of social networking every day

6. Join a referral group

7. Stay in touch with clients by inviting them to events, lunch or coffee

8. Introduce new products or services every six months and be sure everyone in your network knows about it

9. Start a Facebook fan page and talk about it with your network and put a badge on your website

10. Host a mixer through a local Chamber of Commerce

11. Follow up like a dog with a bone on every lead you get

12. Touch base with those who turned you down in the past to see if they’d like to buy now

13. Start a blog and write to it at least 1x a week

14. Personally ask every one of your clients for a referral. In 3 months do it again.

15. Try some new advertising – that isn’t too expensive – you’ve not tried before

16. Incent your employees to bring in new customers by way of a contest

17. Create a sweepstakes

18. Donate items to chamber drawings to get your name mentioned to a crowd

19. Have a meeting every week with someone you can partner with

20. Have a meeting every week with someone who can refer business to you

These are just a few things you can do. What else can you do to create forward momentum so you start moving like that train above with a head of steam? Feel free to share your ideas with me by commenting on this post.

My bottom line point here is that action begets action. Move and something else moves in reaction. No matter how busy or not busy you are keep creating sales and marketing action and you’ll keep your business on the up and up.

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