December is a time when many professional businesses slow down. This presents a real opportunity to create new content for 2011. What do I mean by new content? Well, here are a few ideas:

› Blog posts (write enough to take you through all of January

› Create videos you can post on YouTube, Facebook and your website

› Create a free seminar that promotes your expertise that you can deliver all throughout the new year

› Create a fee-based program that goes beyond your free seminar for those that want to learn more

› Write an e-book that you can sell or give away via your website and promote through social media

› Write articles you can publish online or in printed publications or newspapers or share with clients and prospects

› Create a webinar that you can present online once a month to generate leads (or sales if you make it fee-based)

The opportunities to create new content are endless. The holiday slowdown represents a real opportunity for you to leverage this slowdown and accelerate the growth of your business in 2011.

I plan to create a new seminar and workshop on public speaking. I currently coach people 1on1 in public speaking but I haven’t ever delivered a full workshop on it. I have people already on the waiting list for it, which is enough motivation for me to get it done.

I’m also going to create new versions of my social networking workshops – advanced use of Facebook and understanding YouTube, Yelp, Twitter and Foursquare for beginners. I expect these workshops will do well since there’s such a surge of interest by small businesses in social networking these days. I anticipate the trend will only strengthen next year.

So, what about you? What will you create in December? I’d love to hear about it.

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