I don't usually promote machinery to save time for the small business owner. No. I usually promote applications that are often free. But, there's one particular piece of hardware I purchased last year that really saves time.

Have a look…

It's the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500. I purchased mine from Amazon. It's one of those rare products on Amazon that's almost universally loved. Why? Because it just does one thing and does it incredibly well. Scan.

I now scan everything I used to file. And considering it will scan to pdf at 20 double-sided pages a minute you can probably get how this scanner can actually save you time. I can mow through an in-box of material to scan in literally a few minutes.

At $419 for the scanner it doesn't come cheap. I will grant you that. It wasn't an easy purchase decision. However, it comes with a full version of Adobe Acrobat 9, which is $254 unless you qualify to buy the upgrade. That's a good chunk of your purchase price. Until I bought the ScanSnap I never thought I'd want the full version of Acrobat, but now I realize it's actually very valuable SW in its own right and I'm glad to have it.

The ScanSnap will also scan docs to MSFT Office docs, which is handy, and it will scan right to email, which is another time saver. I can't imagine having to give this thing up.

If you're dealing with lots of paper on a regular basis that needs to be archived – and, really, who isn't these days – then you may owe it to yourself and your business to pick up a ScanSnap

Editor's note: I am an Amazon Affiliate, thus my links lead to pages with my affiliate code embedded within them. I recommend to many of my solopreneur business coaching clients that they seek to create multiple streams of income. This is one way I'm practicing what I preach. This is absolutely not the reason why I'm promoting the ScanSnap. I am doing so because I truly appreciate this machine and have recommended it numerous times in one-off conversations. I thought this would be a good time to recommend it en masse.

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