If you read the last issue you might recall this book was on a list of Best Business Books of 2016. Well, I’ve started listening to it and I’m definitely learning more about the science behind happiness. Emma points out some interesting things about what makes happiness elusive that I’d like to share.
One is that we are on an achievement treadmill going from one thing to another. How can we be happy if we remain in a state of overdrive? We can’t.
Going back to #6 on Eric’s list above, we need to be present in the moment. We cannot be happy if we’re always thinking about past mistakes and regrets or living in the future and missing out on the present. Now is all we have. When we truly start to be here now, we can unlock happiness in ordinary moments. For example, don’t read or watch TV and eat. Just eat and enjoy each bite of your meal. Really taste the food and appreciate the nourishing process underway.
Lastly, breathing is the only autonomic process we can actually control. We can adjust our breathing to change our state from nervous or agitated to calm, which can lead to happiness. Emma describes several breathing exercises in the book such as alternating inhalation and exhalation from your left nostril to your right for 5 minutes. Closing my eyes and doing this for just a few minutes starts to mellow me out. Try it!
Emma is on to something with this book and I recommend it to you. You can learn more about the book on her website.
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