I originally purchased this book a few years ago in support of a sales consultant and trainer I greatly admired. I started reading it earlier this month and found it to be outstanding. Selling from the Inside Out was written by Tom Redmond. He specializes in the insurance industry, but the book can easily be applied to salespeople in any industry.Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 2.01.55 PM

A few key points Tom makes really well:

  • Call reluctance. This is a major reason why salespeople don’t sell enough. He highlights 12 different forms of call reluctance in the book. Just for that


    the book is worth buying.

  • Are they ready? When we’re talking to a qualified prospect interested in our products or services we should ask them directly if they are prepared to fire their existing provider. By asking this question they’ll know you’re serious about moving them to your company. This gets to how important it is to spend time with qualified prospects. A key reason salespeople don’t make their numbers is because they waste time talking to the unqualified or people not ready to move forward.

  • Recycled proposals. Don’t just cut and paste from old proposals to create new proposals. Just the act of doing that puts you in the wrong frame of mind to serve the new prospect in an entirely original way that suits their company. Don’t do it! Sure you can copy over some elements but get away from automating the process of churning out proposals. It will work against you.

The book is full of many other gems. Tom has a good sense of humor, too. You can grab this book for the incredibly low amount of just $19.95 from Amazon here.

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