Originals is packed with examples of how originals – people who aren’t like the masses – think and act differently. I was really taken by a few of the characteristics of originals.

– They procrastinate to get more creative. Martin Luther King was still working on his most famous speech until the wee hours of the night before he gave it. He came up with the, “I have a dream.” line that day!

– They take risks, but also hedge their bets. The 4 guys who started Warby Parker still had day jobs while they were launching the company.
– They build up influence and respect, then share their pretty radical ideas. It creates an environment more likely to accept their ideas.
– They churn out lots of ideas to discover those that are truly great.
In the book, you’ll learn about the women’s right to vote movement in the US, how our US intelligence agencies finally agreed to use a common database of knowledge about the bad guys, and how Milosevich was overthrown in Serbia. It’s a fascinating book that covers a lot of ground and is sure to give you new ideas for yourself and your business. You can learn more about Originals by watching Adam’s TED talk.
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