Essentialism by Greg McKeownHave you vowed to yourself to learn the power of no?

Have you vowed to clear away the clutter in your life and focus on what really matters?

If you find that overwhelm is the norm in your life at work and at home, then this may be the book you need now.

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less was authored by Greg McKeown who happens to be a Bay Area resident.

In the book Greg explains how those who seek to focus on less are able to be more content. Simplicity is the road to happiness. Say it aloud and feel the truth in that statement. There was a time when we frowned on living a simple life, but now we crave it. One thing that Greg asks readers to commit to is a full night’s sleep. Essentialists know that sleep is, well, essential and is not elusive when we are able to rid our lives of needless activity that fills up our day and night and pulls us away from getting the restorative rest that we so need. In the early days of this business I used to pull all-nighters to get work done. No more.

You can find Essentialism on Amazon. You can also watch a short video where Greg gives some insight in to his ideas. If you read just one book this year, perhaps this should be that book.


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