As of 3 pm Pacific Standard Time today I became the latest graduate of the highly esteemed Bill Gove Speech Workshop. I’ve been excited about professional speaking since graduating at the top of my Dale Carnegie class in 1998. Since then I’ve studied speaking, steadily improving my skills. I now speak publicly each and every month in my local area, which I consider an honor and a privilege.

I decided to attend this workshop because it’s the best and I want to be the best I can be. I believe that you only get better when you invest in yourself and learn from those who’ve done what you want to do. Steve Siebold and Dawn Andrews are the trainers of this workshop. They have jointly earned several million dollars in the speaking business. In fact Steve is in the top 1% of professional speakers worldwide. Steve partnered with Bill Gove in the 90s and carried on the legacy of the workshop after Bill passed away at age 89. The opportunity to learn Bill Gove’s material from Steve and Dawn right in San Francisco was an opportunity I could not pass up.In fact I believe it was meant to be.

It was a fantastic workshop and I would recommend it to anyone who is already an accomplished speaker with the goal of greatly improving their speaking skills. Especially if learning how to do a keynote – the most difficult assignment in professional speaking – is important.I learned so much it will take me years to fully realize the power of what has been imparted to me.

The majority of the work lies ahead. I’m committing on my blog to start the work to incorporate what Steve and Dawn taught me. I paid a lot to attend the workshop, but the greater expense would be in not using what I’ve learned to get much better as a speaker and earning from it. First you learn, then you earn.

In the picture below with Dawn and Steve is my memento of the weekend whereupon I joined the 63 year old legacy that is the Bill Gove Speech Workshop. Thank you Steve and Dawn for teaching me these eternal techniques. I will use them wisely and for the public good.

Me and the masters

Me and the masters of professional speaking

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