Small business ownership in the beginning is really tough. You have to work like crazy and do everything. You have to invoice, pay bills, write advertising, create marketing plans, budget, network, sell, interview vendors, look for alliance partners, join service clubs and referral groups, keep up with technology, get great at time management, learn new things, and so much more. It never stops, does it?

Everyone in this situation is wondering how to make enough money to hire someone to help with everything. I have an answer for you. It’s not the only answer, but it is certainly a genuine one. And that is to leverage your talents.

We are all gifted with certain talents. We typically figure out what these talents are in school when we realize we’re better at some things than others. Additionally we discover our gifts when we follow different interests, join the scouts, help out at church, or participate in a non-profit.

When we enter the working world we’re often asked to do a mix of tasks that may or may not leverage our talents. When the tasks do, we’re fulfilled. When they don’t, we become dissatisfied. This dissatisfaction may grow to the point where we decide to quit and start our own business where we can pursue our gifting.

Only problem with this strategy is that we realize that owning a business has us doing much, much more than what we’re good at. We get frustrated all over again, but we can’t blame the boss or the company anymore.

You can get mired in this frustration or you can do something about it. Enter The Growth Coach Strategic Planner to help you do something about it. I coach small business owners to focus a good deal of their energy on what they are good at. Not only are they likely to get better results, they’re also going to be happier.

You need to think real hard about your top three talents that can make you money and figure out how you can do more along those lines. What can you do to maximize those talents? I ask clients to commit to the hard thinking and the creative execution of the ideas that result from the hard thinking.

What’s directly above this section is where you would have to enter in how much you’re worth per hour. If you’re not making what you think you’re worth, it’s probably due in part to not leveraging your talents enough.

What’s beneath that section of the planner is also very important to this equation. It’s the clutter section. This section actually has lots of lines because the average life has lots of clutter. These are tasks that may need to get done, but not necessarily by you. If you delegate them, then the time and energy freed up can be dedicated to your money making talents. Can you see how these three parts work together to get you greater results?

My talents are writing, speaking and creative thinking. The reason I went in to the business coaching and marketing consulting business is because I would have lots of opportunity to exercise these talents to make money.

I am mired in tasks just like you, however, I’m forcing myself to clear out clutter to make more time to leverage my talents. I’m constantly looking for new ways to free up my time by moving clutter out of my life. The more writing, speaking and creative thinking I can do, the better off I’ll be.

What are your top three talents? Measure how much time you’re dedicating to the leveraging of these talents in a week. If it’s not at least 25% of your schedule you’re under utilizing your talents. You must look at the clutter in your life to root it out and spend more time on your talents. Remember, this is an answer to being more profitable in your business and being happier. Worth an examination, right?

Let me know your thoughts on this by clicking on the Comments link below. If you’d like help with thinking of ways to better leverage your talents, let’s talk. I’d like to help.

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