Henry Ford even had something to say about our relationships. Here’s his simple formula, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

First we need to get together. Makes sense. Then, it’s an effort just to stay together. It’s so easy to find faults in our partners and spouses. People are critical.

If we can learn to get past our fault-finding ways and commit to our commitments for better or worse, then we can advance to Henry’s third step in the formula.

I’m guessing Henry talked about working together as success because when two people are working together it feels good. It feels purposeful. And, it solidifies relationships.

Are you still stuck on step 2 in one of your key relationships? How about moving to step 3? Find something reasonably important the two of you can work together on. As long as you resist any tendency to be critical of one another during the process you just might come out the other side with some newly found respect for each other. You’ll also be operating at a higher level of partnership.

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