The Best Handshake

How’s your handshake? Do you think it’s the best it can be? Well, after reading and applying this process, it will be. According to body language expert, Carol Goman, there are 9 ways to ensure you have the best handshake. Always stand up Be standing...

This Story Made Me Warm and Happy

Our last item for this issue came to me from one of my clients. It’s a heartwarming story of a man who rescued a dog and in turn was rescued by that dog. This highlights the importance of “Giving” as one of the ways we can be happier in our...

Track Your Happiness

Wouldn’t it be neat if in this modern age there was an app that would help you to be happier? Well, of course you’re not surprised to hear that there is. Unfortunately it’s only available for the iPhone, which means I’m not a user and...
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