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World Class Public Speaking Coaching and Training is Now Available in the Bay Area!

How audiences react after your public speaking training.

The crowd loves you!

Are you looking for an experienced public speaking coach because you want to become a better presenter within your company or an excellent public speaker? I can help!

Take advantage of my 17 years of public speaking training, and 6 years of experience coaching speakers, to move forward much faster than you can on your own. If you want to present to audiences and have them clap and smile like the group on the left, then it just might be the right time for you to make an investment in working with a certified World Class Speaking Coach 1on1 right here in the San Francisco Bay Area. The investment is modest when compared to the results, which will last a lifetime!

The fact is an investment in learning how to be a better presenter may be one of the best you can make. And like learning how to properly swing a golf club, just knowing a few proper public speaking best practices and techniques will get you headed in the right direction with confidence and poise.

Before we go further, tell me, do you…

  • Have a big speech coming up that you need help with? This could be for an internal company meeting or for an external conference.
  • Present regularly as part of your job and find you’re not performing to your satisfaction? Or, worse, has your manager told you to step it up in this area?
  • Want to use public speaking as a way of marketing yourself as a business owner but don’t know how to start?
  • Speak English as a second language and need to improve your ability to present due to the demands of your job?
  • Want to speak to the camera to create videos for YouTube and your website?
  • Have a manager who has told you to find a good speech coach for them?
  • Have a huge personal speech coming up such as when receiving a big award or making a wedding toast?

If any of the above situations is a match for you, then you can count on me to help. I have plenty of experience in each of these areas.

How Can My World Class Public Speaking Training and Coaching Help You?

By working with me as your coach you’ll accelerate your growth and be able to use public speaking as a strength in situations like these below:

  • Get Confident. You’ll be able to make presentations at company meetings in a newly confident way. Your presentations won’t be dry, but instead they’ll be lively and fresh. People at your company will start noticing that you have made a big step forward in your presentation skills.
  • Stand Out. You’ll be prepared to really WOW the audience as a speaker at an important conference because you stand out from the other conference speakers. You didn’t just rely on a slideshow to carry you, but you opened strong, told meaningful stories, and engaged the audience.
  • Learn New Methods. You could learn how to present a short talk TED style with a unique perspective, magic moment, captivating story, complementary visuals and relaxed style.
  • Promote Yourself. As a business owner you’ll be able to promote your business through public presentations, which is one of the best and least expensive forms of marketing. The truth is people want to hire experts who can speak. They will come right up to you afterwards and ask for your professional help.
  • Command Meetings. You’ll be able to speak up at meetings and make good points that make clear what’s on your mind.
  • Get on the Fast Track. You’ll put your career on a faster track to promotion. Everyone likes someone who can stand up and make a point with confidence and poise.

This could be you!

Make no mistake, investing in public speaking training is one of the best investments you can make in yourself and your business or career. Once you have developed this skill you will never lose it.

Are you ready to stop worrying about your skills as a presenter? Is it time to take a step forward? Great! Here’s how I can help…

More! More! More!

Hire me and I will work with you to:

* Develop ideas for speeches you could give

* Develop the content of a speech you’re already working on

* Make your speech compelling and concise

* Rehearse your speeches

* Give you concrete and immediate feedback

* Find the content for great stories and structure them to make an impact.

* Find venues for speeches if you’re a business owner looking to market yourself

* Hone your skills in the delivery of a speech

* Learn how to open and close a speech with strength.

* Be there with you when you present and even videotape your presentation for continuing improvement.

* Feel much more confident every time you take the stage

Ready to make an appointment with me to get started on improvement? Contact me to book your first session.

How My Public Speaking Coaching Works

I work with individuals 1on1 and present group training for companies. If you’d like to hire me to work with you as your personal public speaking coach you can either come to see me at my office in Burlingame where I have a suitable conference room with full A/V for speech rehearsal or I can come and see you at your office. To see me at my office is $150 per session (usually about an hour). The rate for me to come and see you is $250 per session as long as you’re within a 30-minute range from my office.

When we work together I’ll be concentrating on helping you with Confidence, Competence, Conciseness, Composition, Consideration, Command and Connection. Mastering these 7 C’s will make you a masterful public speaker. We’ll also work on storytelling because it’s such a master skill in today’s best speakers that you cannot ignore this area. I have a formula for creating a great story you can use again and again.

Once we’ve worked together you will gain a new assurance in your ability to stand in front of a room and command an audience. Imagine how that will impact your business and career! I can tell you from personal experience that this skill has been extremely valuable to me. I’ve made tens of thousands of dollars as a public speaker and received many accolades from audience members.

It’s a great feeling and worlds apart from where I was when I first went to Dale Carnegie back in 1998! Imagine that I used to shake and sweat as much as anyone in the room! I went from worst to first in my group and you can too.

Isn’t it about time you stopped being afraid or unsure of your speaking ability and did something about it? Contact me today for an initial conversation to see how I can help you to develop in this crucial area. If after our meeting you decide to hire me, your decision is backed by my 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, then you don’t pay. That’s my rock solid promise to you.

Not ready to meet just yet? In that case I suggest you start your road to improvement by reviewing the Public Speaking Tips videos I’ve posted on YouTube to help you. The links to specific videos are below. I also have links to blogs I’ve written on public speaking. I’ll steadily add more over time to show my commitment to help anyone who wants to learn.

Note that my public speaking coaching services are offered through Speak Well and Sell.

If you’re interested in learning more about how I can train a group within your company, please contact me directly to discuss.

Ready to make an appointment with me to get started on improvement? Contact me to book your first session.

Testimonials on my Public Speaking and Coaching

The Women in Technology International Summit has been an effective way of providing women with the networking opportunities needed to further their careers in a male-dominated tech world for over 20 years. And while it’s important that these women seek out ways to overcome their minority status, what’s even more important is that they are given equal opportunity and equal standing … The guidance and advice given to the summit attendees by Michael Neuendorff showed these women how to become not only better female workers, but simply better workers … [He] was spot on with what he delivered to his inspired audience … His advice was both realistic and attestable … An audience full of left-brained tech heads craves the organization and directness that Michael’s presentation gave. There are few motivational speakers that present with as much effectiveness as Michael Neuendorff. 

– Julia, Silicon Valley


“I engaged Michael to help me with the delivery of an important speech. I hadn’t given many presentations at that point, and the thought of standing in front of 800 people was giving me cold sweats. A week before the speech I realized I needed to hire a coach. I found Michael, he was very adaptable and flexible, willing to work around my work schedule. He made himself available and we met for a total of 4 hours that week. My speaking skills improved by 1000%, and I was able to deliver a perfect speech without having to look at my notes and feeling confident on stage. I am lucky I was able to work with Michael.” 

– Elena, San Francisco


“I wanted to thank you very much for taking your precious time to come and talk to NAPO-SFBA. Your presentation was enjoyed by all – it is very difficult to find speakers that have valuable information that works for everybody – both new and seasoned organizers. Your presentation worked for everybody in the room (especially me :). There was so much value in what you covered.”

– Julie Elliot, Elliot and Company, Former National Association of Professional Organizers – San Francisco Bay Area Program Director


“Michael was instrumental in helping me improve my public speaking skills.   After just a few one-hour personal coaching sessions, I had the confidence to deliver a speech to over 80 people.  For me this was an enormous achievement, given my complete lack of experience and absolute fear of public speaking.  In a very short period of time, I had the confidence and basic skills that I needed to succeed with this particular speaking engagement. 

Since that time, I have taken his public speaking workshop, and would highly recommend his services to anyone that wants to improve their marketing & communication skills.   Most importantly, he is an excellent teacher, and can help anyone improve their public speaking skills regardless of experience level.   Thank you, Michael!”

– Joel Avila, Hawkeye Photography


“In 2010, Michael and I worked together to deliver several joint seminars to hundreds of small business attendees. Michael is an excellent presenter and educator. He offered the audience real, practical advice that they could take home and implement immediately.”

– Stu Carty

What Qualifies Me to Call Myself a World Class Public Speaking Coach?

A very fair question that deserves a thorough answer. My public speaking training in the Bay Area began over 15 years ago with Dale Carnegie. I went through their signature program three times and graduated at the top of my class. I then went on to spend five years in Toastmasters. Upon leaving I was an Advanced Toastmaster and was recognized as an excellent Evaluator.

I’ve been through additional training with Patricia Fripp, the first female president of the National Speakers Association, and am certified as a Corporate Speaker by graduating from the Bill Gove Speech Workshop, the #1 public speaking workshop for professionals in the world. This course represented the greatest single investment I’ve made in training because I take my speaking that seriously.

But that’s not all. I’ve also been certified as a World Class Speaking Coach by Craig Valentine, the 1999 winner of the Toastmasters International Speech Competition. He’s a master presenter and he’s trained me personally. My passion for improvement in this area will continually drive me to get better and better.

Ready to make an appointment with me to get started on improvement? Contact me to book your first session.

Are You Looking For a Professional Speaker for an Upcoming Meeting?

I’ve been hired numerous times by many professional organizations in the past few years. I can present seminars and workshops of varying lengths on sales, marketing, social media, public speaking, and strategic planning. As a Certified World Class Speaking Coach, and Certified Corporate Speaker by virtue of graduating from the Bill Gove Speech Workshop you’ll know you’re getting a trained professional who won’t let you down. For speech samples, please visit my YouTube Channel. Rates vary. Please contact me to discuss your need.

Organizations I’ve spoken for

  • BrightTALK
  • Brisbane Chamber of Commerce
  • Burlingame Chamber of Commerce
  • Constant Contact
  • CSIX
  • Foster City Chamber of Commerce
  • Microsoft Store
  • National Association of Professional Organizers – San Francisco Bay Area
  • National Association of Independent Financial Advisors
  • Northern California Lead Center – Small Business Development Center
  • PC Mall Small Business Network
  • Peninsula Equality Network
  • Puget Sound Business Journal
  • Rotary Clubs of Foster City, San Bruno, San Mateo, South San Francisco
  • Sacramento Business Journal
  • San Francisco Business Times
  • Silicon Valley Business Journal
  • San Francisco Small Business Development Center
  • San Mateo Area Chamber of Commerce
  • San Mateo County Business Expo
  • San Mateo Professional Alliance
  • Silicon Valley Small Business Development Center
  • South San Francisco Chamber of Commerce
  • State Farm
  • Successful Thinkers
  • The Growth Coach
  • Town of Portola Valley
  • Women In Technology International

Free Public Speaking Blog Posts and YouTube Videos

I hope these resources help you to improve your public speaking immediately. In the meantime feel free to post questions about public speaking on my Facebook Page. I answer all questions and often the same day.