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Sales Boostcamp

Sales Boostcamp

Tuesday, March 14th & 15th at The Growth Coach offices

9 am – 4:30 pm


The price will be $1,195

$895 Early Bird through Feb 28th!


There may be untapped greatness yet to be discovered within you. Do you know that? You may just be a new skill, new awareness, or new process away from moving to the level of sales prowess you want and your company needs. This Sales Boostcamp can take you there.

This program is years in the making. It’s literally being assembled based on years of training individuals and teams on the best ways to grow their sales. Until now this program has only been available to:

  • Enrollees of our one-year Sales Mastery program ($3,000)
  • Salespeople who worked for companies that hired us to train their entire team

Now it’s available to you as an individual salesperson ready to invest to reap a serious return in commissions throughout the rest of the year and decade.

Here’s what’s going to be covered in this 2-day intensive training program.

  • Process boost. Almost all salespeople who aren’t meeting their ambitious goals have weaknesses within their processes. We’re going to root them out together during this camp, and improve them. You’ll walk away knowing exactly what to do to have a better process that works for you immediately.
  • Relational boost. Relationships matter in every field. In sales, it’s a matter of life and death. You’re going to go through my best program for how to read people quickly and know what makes them tick and what they really want from you. This will give you an edge over your competition who is unable to quickly adapt to their prospect. You’ll leave with a 20+ page Sales Profile that tells you what to work on and how to connect better with any personality type as a prospect or customer. This is valuable!
  • Productivity boost. The more time you spend selling the more money you’re going to make. I’ll share with you my 12 best techniques for saving time and being more productive.
  • Mindset boost. “You become what you think about most of the time.” – Earl Nightingale We’ll spend precious time making sure you are thinking about the right things and ridding yourself of the wrong. You’ll get 3 powerful ways to put your head on the right track all the time, which is what’s needed to lead in sales.

Whew! You are going to be worn out after the avalanche of information and work you do with me over these 2 days, but it’ll be worth it because you’re going to be a better salesperson afterwards. I guarantee it.

My guarantee: If you don’t feel you can apply what you’ve learned in this program and easily make more than you’ve invested, you can request your money back.


Who Am I?

I’ve been in sales and marketing jobs for more than 25 years. My first job out of college was in sales. In my first year on the job I was #2 in the company in sales. In year 2, I was #1 in sales. While in a marketing position at Oracle I sold sponsorships valued at up to $1 million dollars! I managed lots of repeat business, too. As the independent owner of a Growth Coach franchise I’ve sold hundreds of thousands of dollars of coaching and sales training. I was awarded Coach of the Year in 2015 and given the role of helping other coaches sell more for the franchisor!


Here are a few testimonials from past clients of my sales training programs:

“Since beginning and completing the Sales Mastery program in 2016 with Michael, my annual commissions have grown over 25% year over year. Moreover, during the last six months of 2016 they are up over 34%. I have been in sales for more than 30 years and can say with the utmost confidence that if you follow Michael’s program your results and income will grow as well.”  – Dan Miller, Independent Amsoil Direct Jobber

“First off, I just want to say thank you for the past 3 days of training. I learned invaluable information that will help me tremendously in my career as well as life, and for that, I thank you.” – Vincent Capaccio, Inside Sales Rep

“Michael is incredible!  A few years ago, I made a career change from accounting to sales.  I floundered around for a year or so.   After some personal coaching and completing the Sales Mastery Course, I am truly a sales champion!  He helps me come up with an organized sales process, setting business and marketing goals, works with me on my sales presentations, and gets me to ‘think bigger’ and expand my business. I have seen a huge increase in my sales since I started working with Michael. I recommend him to anyone who wants to get coached up!” – Chris Palmer

I’m serious about training and coaching you to become a sales champion. Take a step and invest in yourself to go higher this year.

It’s $895 for the 2-day Sales Boostcamp. Register now as there are only 8 spaces in the camp to ensure you’ll fit in my conference room. This program has not been offered before to anyone at this price. Take advantage of it while space is available.

You’ll get lunch on both days, snacks and drinks throughout both days, all necessary materials, and a book or two that I love to give to all people who train with me.

Questions? Ping me with them while space is available.

I look forward to seeing you on March 14th to help you make your sales goals this year!

Register Now!