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Capital One Workforce Survey Calls For Engagement Techniques

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Capital One did a survey of 1,000 adults and found that 77% of them have taken a job that didn’t align with their interests, ambitions, or long-term goals. This is clearly a contributor to the lack of engagement in the workplace I often share from the Gallup organization. Just keep this stat in mind when you wonder why some of your people just don’t seem passionate about your business the way you are. If you’d like to take steps to raise the engagement of your people, I recommend Drive by Dan Pink. He has numerous ideas in this fine book.

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Michael Neuendorff

Strategic Business Coach at The Growth Coach
Michael Neuendorff is a versatile business coach, trainer and speaker. He helps professionals and small business owners grow personally and professionally through a combination of new knowledge, more purposeful action, and a fresh mindset. Michael specializes in the areas of sales, online marketing, public speaking, and strategic planning. Michael holds an Advertising degree from Arizona State University.

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