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Is Your Company’s Service Good or GREAT?

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I’ve rented cars from Budget, Enterprise, and Alamo. I’m only going to talk about the latter two since my experience with Budget was not good and will take too long to detail. Ping me if you want to hear about it.

Good Service

When I rented with Alamo, I was served pretty quickly and got a nice car that served me well at the price I expected to pay. You see, there was nothing wrong, but there was no gesture or individual who stands out in my mind.


Great Service

When I rented with Enterprise I was just so impressed with how friendly a young lady named Dieonna was. She helped me find my car out on the lot, introducing herself by name with a big smile. After showing me my car, she invited me to examine it to ensure there were no visible issues. After giving it the once over I thought it looked just fine.

Dieonna confirmed my appraisal, then left to go get the keys for me. Then, a strange thing happened. She couldn’t find the keys! Dieonna sincerely apologized for the inconvenience and offered to help me find another car. I asked for a white car. We found a 2017 Hyundai Elantra with less than 400 miles on it. I liked the idea of being just the 2nd or 3rd driver of the new car. She had the keys for this one.

Dieonna then gave me her personal business card in case I had any issues or questions, and offered me a cold bottle of water for the road. I couldn’t recall ever being offered a cold drink with my rental car. Overall I thought this was an exemplary service experience.

Enterprise makes it a point to create summer internships for students, then offer full-time jobs to new college graduates. Read more about that here. These jobs give the new hires a real opportunity to establish themselves in a professional company. These new employees, like Dieonna, are educated young people eager to make a difference in their first professional position. I like the strategy!

What About Your Service?

What’s it like when people do business with your company? Are they simply satisfied by getting what they expect, like my Alamo experience? Or, are they wowed by simple touches that raise the bar, like my Enterprise experience? A business card and a bottle of water together come to less than a dollar. And people say you can’t get much for a dollar anymore…

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