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The Bane of Small Business Existence

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One of the banes of small business existence is figuring out the whole online marketing puzzle. It really is a Rubik’s cube, isn’t it? Well, here’s one answer for you: unify your online listings to increase Google visibility and SEO strength. This is a tip for businesses that have a physical address.

The fact is that many businesses have more than one way of listing their name and address. For example, my business address is listed as:

533 Airport Blvd., Suite 400, Burlingame, CA 94010
533 Airport Blvd., #400, Burlingame, CA 94010
533 Airport Blvd., Burlingame, CA 94010

I know they don’t look that different, but trust me when I say that Google doesn’t see these as the same. Updating your listings across 50 different sites on the internet can be a real time-consuming chore. Thanks to Moz Local for providing a way to automate the chore for just $84 for a one-year period.

First, do a free analysis here to see if there are discrepancies across listings or ones that are incomplete (like the one missing my suite #). If you see room for improvement, then go forward and pay them the $84 for the valuable service of taking care of it for you. Another step towards online mastery will be complete. Let me know if you have any questions about this. I’ll put you in touch with Ken who gets all this even better than I do.

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Michael Neuendorff

Strategic Business Coach at The Growth Coach
Michael Neuendorff is a versatile business coach, trainer and speaker. He helps professionals and small business owners grow personally and professionally through a combination of new knowledge, more purposeful action, and a fresh mindset. Michael specializes in the areas of sales, online marketing, public speaking, and strategic planning. Michael holds an Advertising degree from Arizona State University.

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