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Book Recommendation: Be Still

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This month’s book recommendation is a new one from Pico Iyer, a very popular TED speaker. It’s entitled, The Art of Stillness. Interestingly, Pico’s a travel writer who’s been around the world. But, his talk isn’t about what it’s like to go to North Korea or the Himalayas. Instead it’s about going nowhere. He has found that by taking time to just be still for regular periods, he’s able to be better prepared for motion and commotion.

Fairly sensible thought, isn’t it? The book is about how Pico does it; and how you can, too. Nestled among the pages are 2-page spreads of beautiful open spaces that make you think of calmness and serenity. If it’s time for you to slow down and be still, then this book may be coming along at just the right time. At just 66 pages you’ll be able to walk slowly through it in no time, giving you yet more time to be still. Find it on Amazon.

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Michael Neuendorff

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