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Behind the Scenes of a Big Lunch, I Mean Launch


If you’re out in the East Bay, then you may have already discovered The Organic Coup, America’s first certified organic fast-food restaurant. If you’re wondering how those two could go together, then you’re not in tune with the trends in American eating.

Erica Welton is very aware of the changing tastes of the American consumer and the organic movement. This is because of her many years of experience working for the country’s largest retailer of organic food. Are you thinking that’s Whole Foods? Think again. It’s Costco.

Erica, and Dennis Hoover, an ex-SVP with Costco in the Bay Area, have teamed up to bring a brand new concept to fast food and they’re doing it in such a precise, intuitive and methodical way that I smell success. This recent article from San Francisco Eater gives a ton of detail on the thinking and execution behind this one-of-a-kind restaurant that’s thinking very big. Remember that one of the Success Secrets of Super Achievers is to Think Big.  Even if you don’t care about fast-food or the organic movement, I recommend you read this article. I bet it’ll stoke something in you.

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Michael Neuendorff

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