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And Now for Something Completely Different – Betabrand


Betabrand is a company based in San Francisco. What they do to sell clothing online is to merge it with Crowdfunding.

Here’s how it works from what I can tell. You can submit a design for a cool piece of clothing. It needs to be pretty out there like a men’s suit that’s a takeoff of a baby’s onesie (appropriately called the suitsie) or a reversible hoodie that’s gold on one side and black on the other (for clubbing and not). After submission, Betabrand may put your idea on their site. Next comes the fun part. Every day people go on to the site and vote for what they like and would buy. The sooner you vote the greater discount you’ll get on the product if it’s made.

If a product gets enough votes it’s made in a limited quantity. A nice built-in feature is that it’ll probably sell out since it received enough up votes to be funded. Get the idea? If not, check out this page on their site or this article from the New York Times.

You can make money by submitting winning designs, vote for what you like, or just buy what’s already succeeded and is available now. This a million-dollar business! Looking at this business model has to get your head spinning.

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Michael Neuendorff

Strategic Business Coach at The Growth Coach
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