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3 Guerrilla Marketing Weapons to Grow Any Business

Grow! Grow! Grow!

Would you like to increase the ways you reach customers and prospects with a good impression of your business? Would you like to do what smart marketers with lean budgets do to market consistently? Would you like to be a few steps ahead of your competition with your marketing plan?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above you need Guerrilla Marketing. The first book on Guerrilla Marketing was written by Jay Conrad Levinson back in 1984, but the concepts are anything but old. In fact they are as popular as ever because every small business wants more out of their marketing budget in this economy.

The tactics used in Guerrilla Marketing are called weapons to borrow a phrase from the military. There are more than 200 weapons at your disposal. They aren’t all free weapons, which is a common misconception about Guerrilla Marketing. It’s not only about no-cost tactics, but is more a combination of smart and creative marketing used in combination with low and no-cost weapons.

Here are 3 weapons you can use right away to move past your competition and improve your marketing in a meaningful way.

  1. Fusion Marketing – When one business partners with another for marketing purposes, that’s fusion marketing. It can be as simple as putting brochure racks on the front counters of each other’s’ businesses to doing joint events. This weapon isn’t about expenditure as much as it is about combining brainpower. What can we do to help each other reach new customers? And it doesn’t need to be only about other small businesses. You can also partner with associations or larger firms that sell to smalls.
  2. Follow-up – It’s been said that there isn’t a small business alive that couldn’t improve on their follow up. Is yours any different? Chances are you’ve neglected to jump on a referral received, not followed up consistently on requests by existing customers, or sent what you promised to send after an appointment with a prospect. Your competition probably isn’t any different than you, which is exactly why you need to ace this area and why it’s a Guerrilla Marketing weapon. This weapon alone can transform your business when applied obsessively.
  3. Public seminars – Public speaking is a great weapon that is underutilized by most small businesses. Free educational seminars that revolve around your area of expertise can be a consistent lead driver for your business. Once you get started with speaking to groups you’ll be surprised how many invitations you get over time. There’s always room in a community for a great speaker. If your lack of public speaking skills is holding you back, then join a Toastmasters club or take some classes from a reputable organization in your area.

Get started with these 3 key Guerrilla Marketing weapons for your business and you’re going to see things start to change. And that will be because you’re focusing your energy in to areas that are proven to work and grow a business. Just don’t give it half an effort or you won’t see the change you’re looking for. Each of these weapons doesn’t need to cost anything, but they don’t work unless you throw your all in to them on a regular basis.

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Michael Neuendorff

Strategic Business Coach at The Growth Coach
Michael Neuendorff is a versatile business coach, trainer and speaker. He helps professionals and small business owners grow personally and professionally through a combination of new knowledge, more purposeful action, and a fresh mindset. Michael specializes in the areas of sales, online marketing, public speaking, and strategic planning. Michael holds an Advertising degree from Arizona State University.

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